Fixer Albania: local support for journalists and production crews

Fixer Albania is a network of highly qualified and professionally certified individuals collaborating with international production crews and foreign journalists planning to film in Albania.

Our fixers handle the various aspects of production for international films and media agencies ranging from logistics and manpower to sourcing crew and local talent when needed. We have an international reputation as top-class Albanian fixers and can give references and any type other of assistance according to requests.

Fixer Albania offers production services such as:

• General assistance (fixers) for TV/commercial crews and international journalists doing coverage of Albania

• Sourcing for production crew: we assist with finding and negotiating deals with local crewmen like cameramen, sound engineers etc.

• Location scouting and management: we carry out detailed location research, suggest shooting locations and also process permits when needed.

At Fixer Albania we are well trained to serve in various roles within the team during the production process. This could be as:

•  Production assistant

•  Production manager

•  Location scout/manager

Our local Albania fixers have nationwide coverage providing services both in the major cities and the remote areas of the country. If you are in need of a local fixer for all types of production, be sure to contact us.

Here at Fixer Albania, we guarantee a speedy reply and can gladly offer initial consultation completely free of charge

Production Services

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Support for foreign journalists

We carry out general research, quick fact checks, logistics and permits processing<br />

TV commercials

Through local partners, we sort out location and logistics issues

General production assistance

Fixer Albania is all the assistance you need for production in the country

Film production

An affordable alternative for TV, film and documentary production in Albania

Equipment rental & crew sourcing

Sourcing for production gear and manpower in Albania

Location scouting & permits

Location scouting and permits processing where they are needed all over Albania.

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