Fixer Albania is a team of local media professionals operating in Albania. As a company, we offer production support and assistance to international TV or film production crews as well as journalists covering Albania.

Feel free to contact us if you are considering Albania for your next production or covering a news piece or documentary on the country. We are well versed with the system and offer top-notch fixer services at highly flexible fees.

Our local fixers can work with you as part of your project-based team or a one-stop solution to all of your production needs in Albania. Our services cover all aspects of production from scouting for a location to research and fact checks, applying and processing relevant permits and general production assistance. 

Fixer Albania is part of Storytailors video production companyan international network of qualified and trustworthy media professionals that offer help to international filmmakers and journalists. We have an expansive and effective network that spans across quite a good number of countries.

Our international network of production people is spread across a number of countries:

Our International Production Network


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