Working in Albania as a foreign journalist with no knowledge of the local language and understanding of the culture can be a bit challenging. Fixer Albania has a highly experienced team that collaborates with international journalists on both major and small projects. They range from simple news pieces to reports or international television programs.

We have all that you need for successful media coverage as an international journalist working in Albania. We provide services such as:

• Initial research

• Fact checking

• Local access

• General production support (logistics, crew hire, equipment rental etc)

International journalists looking to do any form of production work in Albania can contact us. As your local fixer in Albania, you can be sure of a speedy response and we will be glad to be of assistance to you on your project

Initial Research

Any international journalist may encounter difficulties when covering a story in a foreign country without having sufficient background. Our local fixers in Albania will help you get a better understanding of the topic and schedule interactions and interviews with the stakeholders that will help you bring your story together. We usually offer brief initial research completely free of charge.

Fact Checking

Even though the internet has made it possible to access news without borders, multiple sources might publish conflicting reports and without eyes and ears on the ground, getting things right might be a bit difficult. Your fixer in Albania can you as an assist international journalist to check the facts for a great news piece.

Local Access to Communities & Contributors

When carrying out a report, it is important that one gets sufficient access to relevant places and important people that are pivotal to concrete reporting. All of these might be a bit tricky to secure as a foreign journalist working in Albania. Our team of local fixers has good contacts all over the country that can assist you to get access to all the kinds of communities or individuals that are needed to contribute to your news piece for a complete and comprehensive report.

Production Support

We offer on-ground support including schedules, logistics, and every other minor and major detail of your news report. With help on the ground from our fixers in Albania, a good percentage of the work is off your shoulders and filming can go on and be completed on schedule.