With a total land area of 28,750 sq km boasting long stretches of coastline, mountainous terrains, Soviet-type architecture, castles, fortresses, cathedrals and mosques, Albania certainly has a lot to offer. A fair number of movies used Albania filming locations as backdrops. This includes the 2016 comedy crime movie, “War Dogs” and the English-French action thriller “Taken 2”.

Someone with sufficient knowledge of the country, its terrains, sights and sounds will be your best guide to make the most of Albania filming locations. Fixer Albania are the ones for the job.

The Albanian Alps

The Albanian Alps is a mountainous region located in the northern part of the country. The region is home to the ancient cities of Puka and Shkoder, the Theth National Park, and the Valbona Valley national parks, all of which can serve as natural backdrops for filming in Albania.

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Southern Albania

The country is home to a stretch of coastline 362 kilometers long that runs from the Adriatic Sea to the Ionian Sea. The Southern beaches have great potential as Albania filming locations. The most notable are Dhermi, Borsh, and Ksamil.

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Albania is also famous for its well-preserved Ottoman ruins. The Town of Butrint is the most popular of its Roman and Greek ruin cities. Here you will find the Krujë Castle which is an old citadel from the Ottoman-era. A stone bridge in this area also leads to the Benja Thermal Baths with its blue-green waters.

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Old Albanian Bunkers

Littered all over the country are thousands of bunkers built during the era of Hoxha, the former dictator. One of the most notable bunkers is known as Facility 0074 which has more than one hundred rooms.

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This is the capital city of Albania and the main one in the country. Tirana serves as the main entry point by air. The city is quite popular for its urban Italian look and as also retained its old Soviet architecture from the communist era, one popular example being the Pyramid of Tirana.

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Castles and Fortresses

Albania has a rich history with several castles and fortresses to illustrate it. Today, these buildings are popular tourist sites and can also serve as filming locations. The best known Albanian Castles are Berat, Rozafa and Tepelene.

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Your production fixer in Albania will guide you in the process of finding the perfect location in the country and assist with securing needed paperwork for using the site of your choice. You can contact us for suggestions and assistance with picking the right location for filming in Albania.