At Fixer Albania, we operate as a full-fledged production company in Albania. Our local fixers carry out location scouting, process access permits and generally help with all aspects of production. In addition, we also hire crew members and cater for the right logistics solutions needed for production success.

Everyone on our local Fixer Albania team works as a freelancer. One of the major advantages of this is that you do not have to pay fixed costs.

Our network of contacts covers the whole country and we operate as a regular production company in Albania. However, we do it at significantly lower costs compared to traditional production companies.

Location Scouting in Albania

Albania is famous for its filming locations in well-preserved cities with urban Italian looks. Its parks and beaches which are great natural settings are good additions in terms of locations. Our production fixers in Albania scout for locations all over the country, both in the urban and rural areas. As local fixers in Albania, we are also well versed and familiar with the process to obtain needed permits for both small projects as well as the much bigger ones.

Crew Sourcing & Equipment Hire in Albania

Albania offers a small pool of local directors and photographers, some of whom are experienced with working with international crews. Only the basic support crew are readily available for hire locally. For more experienced crew members like the directors of photography and other technical people, they are best brought in from nearby European countries that are major production centers.  

The same goes for filming equipment. The country offers basic gear like camera, lighting and so on. However, if you are going for big projects and would prefer more complex equipment, then it has to be brought in from abroad. Albania under ATA carnet laws.

For standard equipment and technical crew, the closest major filming countries to consider are Serbia, Greece or Italy. Our Albania production fixers can negotiate affordable equipment rental and crew hiring rates for local talents.

Assistance for Foreign Journalists Covering Albania

Our fixers in Albania have a deep and extensive knowledge of the landscape of the media terrain. Our production fixers on ground can help you secure interviews with high profile officials, local celebrities or simply get filming access and permits when needed. We also carry out quick fact checks and full research prior to filming.

Production Support for Commercials & Film

Our mode of operation is similar to that of established production companies, but at a fraction of the cost. As your production fixers working in Albania, we can help put together a small crew and organize logistics based on the needs of your projects.